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It is no secret that trees are beautiful and of course we need them to live. 

However, many home and property owners underestimate just how much trees can grow. Both upward and outward. 

Trees can even compete against things as solid as concrete. Have you ever seen a trees roots cracking and growing through sidewalks?

Tree removal on Oahu is needed to avoid unwanted damage to your property.

tree removal oahu

I had a huge tree that needed to be cut. I was extremely worried about the tree falling on my home upon being cut. I learned quickly that that would not be my only worry. The price was a HUGE issue. After getting several different estimates, I decided to try Aloha Hawaii services which was recommended to me. Not only did they give me a reasonable price, but I had no issues what so ever with damage to my home.

John D. - Homeowner

Trees Can Grow Big and You Can't Tell Them to Stop

Trees can grow to become very tall and pose a serious risk if they were to fall. The damages they cause can be very costly and hard to fix.

Sometimes trees may not only be a risk to your home or property but your neighbors as well. 

And who knows what would happen if your tree were to fall on your neighbors property...

Large overgrown trees can be problematic so it's understandable why you would want them to be removed...

Tree Removal is a Dangerous Task

You may be thinking that you want this troubling tree to be removed immediately. 

But unless you have the right experience and tools to get the job done the task might end up doing more harm than good. 

There is no sense in cutting the tree down incorrectly and have it fall on your property. The very thing you were trying to avoid. 

Property Damage

Trees can grow tall and wide. Posing a risk of fall damage and uprooting sidewalks.

Neighbor Concern

Sometimes it's not only your property at risk but your neighbors too.

Very Risky

The risk of causing more damage when removing a tree is very real and scary.

You Don't Want Property to Suffer Damages but it's Risky to Do it Yourself

We all love the feeling we get from accomplishing a task ourselves. We all love the challenge.

But sometimes the challenge and accomplishment just isn't worth it...

There are so many ways a tree removal situation can go and it is important to take all of them into account.

This is why most people on Oahu leave these tasks up to a tree maintenance company...

I am so glad I found Aloha Hawaii Services Llc to do the job I needed. They were so quick to complete the job, professional, and a GREAT PRICE. I would highly recommend this company over anyone else.

Shelby O. - Homeowner

Our Focus When it Comes to Tree Removal

When it comes to tree removal, our primary focus is the safety of you, your family and our workers. 

After all, trees can grow into gigantic objects and weigh in the tons. 

By removing unwanted trees from your property quickly, we ensure that your property stays just the way you like it. Looking good and without damage.

We also understand that the properties of others is at risk of a falling tree too. While removing a tree we ensure to consider all possibilities and outcomes.

Safety Is the Priority

We want to emphasize that safety is our number one focus here. Although we want to get the job dones as quickly as possible, there is always a give and take between speed and safety.

Quick Removal

Large trees can be an extreme nuissance. We remove them as quick as possible.

Happy Neighbors

Ensure your neighbors are happy knowing there's no risk of a big falling tree.

Safety is Key

We will work quickly but will not compromise on safety. All measures will be taken.


High Responsiveness and Quick Removal

We understand that when you want a tree removed you want it removed as soon as possible. 

Aloha Hawaii Services is here to provide quick response times and the highest efficiency on the job. 

So that you no longer have to worry. 


Happy Neighbors Make a Happy Community

No matter what we all have some sort of relationship with our neighbors, especially in Hawaii where community plays a big role in how we live. 

We understand that you don't want your neighbors to have to worry about a tree from your property causing damage in theirs. 

We ensure to take a methodical approach to keep both you and your neighbors happy. 


Remain Worry Free Knowing Safety is the Highest Consideration

We take safety seriously at Aloha Hawaii Services. 

You can be sure that everything will be safe and secure when we are on the job.

Even if it means moving a little will know beforehand how long the job may take after considering all the factors.

oahu tree removal

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Our Tree Removal Process

Safety is at the forefront of our tree removal process.

Depending on the size of the trees, there can be significant risk involved in removing them. 


Assess the Situation

In order to properly assess the situation for your tree removal project, the best case scenario would be for us to do a site visit with you. 

We will look for things such as: 

  • How large are the trees you want to remove?
  • Are the trees close to any buildings or neighboring properties?
  • What will the process look like once the tree is cut down and needs to be hauled away?

Create a Plan and Generate Your Quote

Once we have been able to fully assess the situation, we will then be able to create a plan and generate a quote for your tree removal project. 

We always do our best to generate a fair priced quote that takes into consideration all related costs and contingencies.


Schedule Appointment and Begin Tree Removal Process

Once your quote has been agreed upon, we will then schedule an appointment as soon as possible and begin the tree removal process. 

Scheduling appointments can work in two ways:

  1. We can talk story and find out a time that works best for you with our schedule.
  2. You can use our electronic system to book a time.

Perform Tree Removal

When we arrive on the scene, we will be getting to work immediately according to the plan developed in prior steps. 

While Aloha Hawaii Services seeks to be as efficient as possible in our work, we also ensure not to sacrifice the safety for our workers, our clients and their properties. 


Clean Up and Final Walkthrough

Whenever possible, we will be cleaning the job site during the project. 

Once everything is said and done, Aloha Hawaii Services will ensure that everything is cleaned and organized to the best of our abilities.

We would also love for you to be a part of this step in the process to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results. 


Haul Removed Trees and Recycle

Once everything has been cleaned up on your property we will haul away the removed trees. 

As it is our duty to take care of the environment on Oahu, we will be recycling the tree debris whenever possible. 

This could mean handing the trees over to other local organizations who can turn the debris into wood planks, wood chips or even turn the debris into compost.

Why Our Customers Believe In Our Process

The customers of Aloha Hawaii Services believe in our tree removal services primarily for their convenience and our focus on safety.

It can be a difficult and daunting task to remove large trees from your property alone. Especially on Oahu where properties are close together and the difficulty of hauling the trees afterwards. 

Safety is also a major concern for our customers, which we do not take lightly. We do everything we can to make sure your project is done as safely as possible.

Common Questions and Concerns for Tree Removal on Oahu

When it comes to tree removal on Oahu, there are some common questions and concerns that come up.

Take a look at the list below to find some answers to the questions you may have.

Will homeowners insurance cover tree removal?

Typically homeowners insurance does not cover a tree removal project unless some type of unexpected damage was done to your home or property. However, we always suggest to consult with your insurance provider for the best advice and details.

How much does tree removal services cost?

The cost for your tree removal project can vary depending on the situation. Given the inherent risk in these types of projects, pricing can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. To give an accurate cost estimate, it is almost always best for us to do a site visit and assess the situation.


Can you claim tree removal on taxes?

Claiming tree removal on your taxes is possible but it depends on a few factors. These include the type of property the tree is being removed from, reasoning for removing the tree(s) and who performed the tree removal. 

If the tree is being removed from a residence you live at, it is less likely to count towards a tax deduction. However, it is more likely to count for things like investment or rental properties.

If the tree is causing damage to your property or if damage is being caused due to events like storms or someone crashing into a tree then you could potentially claim a tax deduction. Simply put, there must be a specific reason why the tree is being removed.

The tree(s) must be removed by a hired professional in order to count towards a tax deduction. You cannot simply remove it yourself and have that count. In any case, it is wise to hire a professional due to the safety risks involved and required equipment. 

As always, this is for informational purposes only. It is best to contact a certified tax professional for specific answers on wether or not you can claim tree removal on taxes.


Why is tree removal important?

There are a variety of reasons why tree removal is important. Here are a few:

  • Reduce safety hazards of falling trees
  • Prevent uprooting under sidewalks, homes and building foundations
  • Prevent excess damage from storms and hurricane season

Hopefully the above answers some questions you may have about tree removal. However, if you have any further questions feel free to give us a call!

He was great with communication and worked quickly!

Megan H. - Homeowner

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