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On the island of Oahu we love our trees. They bring life, vibrance and love to our communities.

But at the same time, they can grow quickly and soon become a nuisance or saftey hazard if left unkept...

Tree trimming on Oahu is needed to keep our island fluorishing and looking beautiful. Including your home and property.

tree trimming oahu

My experience with Aloha Hawaii Services LLC was nothing but smiles. The experience of contacting a professional on this plate form was foreign to me but I am grateful that I took the leap of faith. I reached out to this business and received a response within hours. Contacting via text and phone felt natural and comfortable which I appreciate.

The Aloha spirit radiates off of all our interactions. All the guys that came on by to offer their services were absolutely professional, detailed, and enthusiastic with the services they do. These guys are down to earth people, the special kind that can hustle to get the work done but at the same time maintain a smile through it all.

Great work, great end result, and a great contact to have. I will for sure go directly to them if I need their services again. I hope that this review helps, but trust me and just take the leap of faith and go all in with these pros.

Frederic D. - Homeowner

Trees With Sprawling Branches Can Get In The Way

Many trees, especially those like the banyon trees common to Hawaii, end up taking up a lot of space. They cover up roads, block entrances and rub up against your home's windows.

They also spread unwanted debris everywhere, which will need to be cleaned up every so often.

But branches just getting in the way isn't the only thing to be mindful of. Eventually, those branches will grow heavy and can end up falling. 

This can do significant damage to your roof, cars or lawns. Even more so when heavy winds and hurricane season comes around. 

Trimming Tree Branches Can Be a Scary Task

Now, you may want to grab your chainsaw or clippers and get to work on trimming you trees right away. But it can be dangerous climbing a tall tree while lugging heavy equipment around... 


Trees can overgrow blocking roadways, entrances and spreading unwanted debris.

Property Damage

Your cars, roof and lawn is at risk of falling tree branches causing damage.

Dangerous Task

Tree trimming is a dangerous task and you don't want to risk falling or getting hurt.

You Don't Want Your Property to Suffer From Neglect but Don't want to Take The Risk Either

Sometimes life can present us with a double-edged sword. In this case, if you allow your trees to overgrow then they can cause unwanted damage. 

But if you attempt to take care of it yourself then it can be a dangerous task and you can risk getting hurt. 

This is why most people leave these tasks up to tree service companies in Honolulu...

Professional, on-time, industrious and all with the Aloha spirit! We will be hiring them again!

Neenz F. - Homeowner

Our Focus When it Comes to Tree Trimming

When it comes to tree trimming, our number one priority at Aloha Hawaii Services is your safety.

We are here to:

Maintain your trees to keep your home and property looking fresh.

Keep your property safe from falling branches (no one likes filing insurance claims). 

And of course keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

Maintain Your Trees

Keep your space...spacious. Avoid overgrowth and constantly cleaning up debris.

Keep Property Safe

Your roof, cars and property are meant to stay intact. Let's keep it that way.

Have Peace of Mind

Your safety is our number one priority. Let the experts care for your tree trimming needs.


How Tree Maintenance Affects Your Home & Property

Tree trimming and maintenance helps avoid overgrowth and constantly having to clean up debris sprawled across your property. 

At the same time, our Oahu tree services can help your trees grow stonger, healthier and more vibrant. 

In doing so, we give a fresh look to your home and property. We make it feel more welcoming to you, your family and guests. Aloha Hawaii Services is here to make your home and property stand out through tree trimming.


How Tree Trimming Keeps Your Home & Property Safe

You have seen it before. 

A giant tree branch falling on a parked car in the street. Breaking glass and crushing its hood in. 

You have seen cases with debris flying and whirling around in a storm or hurricane doing significant damage to nearby homes. 

Tree trimming can keep your home and property safe by ensuring that those big and heavy branches remain out of harms way. 


How Our Tree Services Can Give You Peace of Mind

If you are afraid of heights this one is simple. 

Tree trimming, although very beneficial, can be dangerous. 

When you are weaving through branches or climbing and doing a coconut tree trimming things can get difficult. Especially when you are carrying a heavy chainsaw or other heavy equipment. 

There is a high-risk of injury that should not be taken lightly. 

Aloha Hawaii Services is licensed, bonded and insured. We have professionals who can climb those trees for you and get the job done seemlessly

tree trimming oahu

Your safety and the safety of our workers is the number one priority here.

tree trimming oahu

Our Tree Trimming Process

Tree trimming is a delicate process. 

This is why it is important for us to take a methodical and detailed approach to trimming your trees. 


Understand the Problem

In order to understand the problem, it is almost always best for us to do a site visit with you. 

We look for things like:

  • Are your trees rubbing up against your home?
  • Are they over hanging into your neighbors yard? 
  • Are they growing into the wrong direction?
  • Do they pose a hazardous threat to people in your yard?

Sometimes we can work with pictures to understand the problem when the job is not too complex. 


Plan Out What Will Happen and Generate Your Quote

Once we fully understand what is going on then we will come up with a strategy for trimming your trees. 

After coming up with the strategy, we will then have a good idea about the cost of your project and generate a fair priced quote for you to consider. 


Schedule an Appointment and Get to Work Immediately

Once we agree upon your quote we will schedule an appointment for you.

Scheduling appointments can work in two ways:

  1. We can talk story and find out a time that works best for you with our schedule.
  2. You can use our electronic system to book a time

How do we carry out our work. How do we ensure safety?


Get to Work Immediately

When we arrive at the job site we will get to work immediately according to our plan. 

At this point efficiency, safety and thoughtfulness are our key focus areas. 

We ensure safety by using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery whenever possible.


Clean Up and Final Walkthrough

As the project goes on we will be cleaning up debris whenever possible. 

When the tree cutting is finished we do a final clean up and walkthrough to make sure everything is taken care of. 

We will also give you a chance to tell us your thoughts on the project and let you know what to expect coming up next. 


Haul the Debris Away and Recycle

Once everything is set, you can expect us to haul away all the debris. 

Whenever possible we donate the debris to local organizations that can turn them into useful items.

We understand the importance of sustainablity in Hawaii and the world so we don't want good trees to go to waste.

Why Our Customers Believe In Our Process

Our customers love experiencing a thoughtful, professional and safety concious process when it comes to making their trees look outstanding.

Some are so happy when they can finally see the sunlight in their yard and not only be amazed themselves but also amaze their neighbors!

We also take an environmentally friendly approach when it comes to our process. Turning cut down trees and debris into useful items like wood chips, mulch and compost.

Common Questions & Concerns

When it comes to tree trimming, there are always some common questions and concerns that come up. 

Take a look below to find some answers!

Will homeowners insurance cover tree trimming?

While it is best to contact your insurance provider for specific questions like this...

In general, home owners insurance does not cover tree trimming or tree removal. This is unless the tree falls and causes damage to your home or property. 


What are your tree trimming rates?

While this can vary widely depending on the situation, you can expect a range of $80 to $400 per tree. Factors such as tree height, disease, risk of injury and location are all taken into consideration.


Why is tree trimming important?

Tree trimming and tree maintenance is important because it influences your trees to grow in certain ways. Ways that will help them grow healthy and minimize the risk of dead and falling tree branches. 


Who is responsible for overhanging tree branches?

Technically you are responsible for any overhanging tree branches that come into your property. Even if the tree's stump is in your neighbors property. 

If you choose to trim any trees (up to your property line) then you are responsible for the cost. 

However, we highly reccomend collaborating with your neighbor(s) in situations like these.


What are the tree trimming and tree pruning basics?

Here is a great video on some tree trimming and tree pruning basics!

Still got some questions about our tree trimming services? Contact us to get some answers!

I had a huge tree that needed to be cut. I was extremely worried about the tree falling on my home upon being cut. I learned quickly that that would not be my only worry. The price was a HUGE issue.

After getting several different estimates, I decided to try aloha Hawaii services which was recommended to me. Not only did they give me a reasonable price, but I had no issues what so ever with damage to my home.

John D. - Homeowner

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If, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with our tree trimming services, contact us within 3 days after your project is finished and we will fix any issue.

If anything comes up, please get in touch with our friendly team and we'll help you out until you get the results you need.

More Recent Reviews

Take a look at what some of our recent customers have to say. 

Professional, on-time, industrious and all with the Aloha spirit! We will be hiring them again!

Neenz F. - Homeowner

Kelii was awesome--responsive, courteous, and honest. He took on a big project and completed it in a timely fashion. I'd definitely use him again for other yard projects.

Nick D.

Our Tree Trimming Mission

Keep our island beautiful, keep your property safe and give you peace of mind.

This is our focus when it comes to our tree trimming service in Honolulu. 

We are here to be the best tree maintenance company you have ever worked with. 

We are also here to give back to the Oahu community whenever possible by recycling debris and cut down branches.

coconut tree trimming oahu

We look forward to servicing your tree trimming needs in the near future with thoughtfulness and Aloha. Contact us today!

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